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Version 2: more commands, more systems, more planes

Posted by Lee Baker on Friday December 12, 2014

I'm finishing up work on version two, and wanted to share some of the new features I've added.

More systems

Control over autopilot is probably one of the most desired features. Once the plane is in the air, this lets you fly the plane around super-easily. Meanwhile, on the ground, you can now control the brakes, start and stop the engines (and APU!), making your startup procedures just that much more natural.

More commands

I have also focussed on making the existing commands work better. Numbers are recognized in more general formats, so you can say “three hundred twenty knots” instead of “three two zero knots,” with similar improvements for headings and altitudes. There are now dozens of new things you can say to control the flaps- jump directly to a specific setting by saying something like “go to flaps 3” or “flaps all the way up please”.

More planes

After hearing back from a few people on various forums, I was glad to hear that PlaneCommand works with most systems in a variety of aftermarket aircraft, even ones that I didn't specifically design for. Despite that, I want to get perfect support in the most common planes, so I've started with what might be the most common freeware aircraft, the x737 project. All commands work in this plane. In future updates, more planes will get this level of support.

Version two should be out before Christmas.

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