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PlaneCommand version 2 is released

Posted by Lee Baker on Wednesday February 18, 2015

Version two adds support for a ton of new commands, including full support for the autopilot, navigation equipment, brakes and more. Support has been added for the aftermarket DA-42 and x737 aircraft. Even more flexible voice recognition means you don't need to memorize commands-it's a lot more fun to fly with. Read more...

Version 2: more commands, more systems, more planes

Posted by Lee Baker on Friday December 12, 2014

I'm finishing up work on version two, and wanted to share some of the new features I've added. More systems like autopilot and engine start/stop make your flights more enjoyable. More ways to control existing systems make your experience more natural, and the x737 is the first new plane with full support. Read more...

PlaneCommand: Voice Control for X-Plane 10

Posted by Lee Baker on Sunday November 09, 2014

PlaneCommand is a plugin that adds voice command support for many common controls. Commands can be voiced in a pretty flexible way, and are read back when completed. For instance, you can say "Please lower the landing gear" or "landing gear down, please" and might get a response of "the landing gear is already down" or "landing gear going down", depending on your situation. Read more...

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