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PlaneCommand on Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Posted by Lee Baker on Saturday August 22, 2020

As you may have noticed, Microsoft Flight Simulator was released to the public. It seems to have a great graphics system and it’s hard to not see the appeal of the global scenery that’s included in the simulator. It’s already become quite popular, so it’s only natural that PlaneCommand will add support for Microsoft Flight Simulator.


FlightFactor A320: It works, but it's complicated

Posted by Lee Baker on Thursday December 12, 2019

The FlightFactor A320 is a popular jetliner, but doesn't integrate well with X-Plane's architecture. As a result, it hasn't been supported in PlaneCommand until now. A solution has been found to make the aircraft flyable with PlaneCommand.


FlightFactor A320, and how I'd love to support it

Posted by Lee Baker on Monday May 07, 2018

PlaneCommand doesn't currently officially support the FlightFactor A320 at the moment. The FlightFactor A320 is a very popular aircraft right now, and I'd love to support it officially; I'm not sure that is going to be possible in the near future.


PlaneCommand 3.1.0 released with improved speech recognition accuracy

Posted by Lee Baker on Monday March 12, 2018

A new release of PlaneCommand increases the accuracy of speech recognition, and adds a lot of new of new commands that users have requested. Voice control over throttle, mixture, magnetos, and other engine systems adds to the immersion of the simulator. Control the views and the camera with only your voice as well.


Error code 126: How to fix this problem on Windows

Posted by Lee Baker on Thursday January 18, 2018

PlaneCommand 3 sometimes won't load for users of older versions of Windows- everything except for Windows 10. If you're seeing this error message in your log file, you might need this fix.


Ambiguous commands, and 'to' vs. 'two'

Posted by Lee Baker on Tuesday December 12, 2017

A common problem that I have been having while using PlaneCommand 3 betas involved confusing "to" and "two", since they sound exactly the same. For example, what if you say "set altitude to one thousand feet" vs "set altitude two one thousand feet"? Is that 1,000 feet, or is that 21,000 feet? They sound identical, and it's difficult for PlaneCommand to figure out the intent here.


PlaneCommand version 2 is released

Posted by Lee Baker on Wednesday February 18, 2015

Version two adds support for a ton of new commands, including full support for the autopilot, navigation equipment, brakes and more. Support has been added for the aftermarket DA-42 and x737 aircraft. Even more flexible voice recognition means you don't need to memorize commands-it's a lot more fun to fly with.


Version 2: more commands, more systems, more planes

Posted by Lee Baker on Friday December 12, 2014

I'm finishing up work on version two, and wanted to share some of the new features I've added. More systems like autopilot and engine start/stop make your flights more enjoyable. More ways to control existing systems make your experience more natural, and the x737 is the first new plane with full support.


PlaneCommand: Voice Control for X-Plane 10

Posted by Lee Baker on Thursday September 11, 2014

PlaneCommand is a plugin that adds voice command support for many common controls. Commands can be voiced in a pretty flexible way, and are read back when completed. For instance, you can say "Please lower the landing gear" or "landing gear down, please" and might get a response of "the landing gear is already down" or "landing gear going down", depending on your situation.


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