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Frequent Questions

What can I say?

Check out the list on the commands page.

How can I improve the accuracy of PlaneCommand?

A good quality microphone makes a huge difference. Don't use the microphone built into your computer- use a headset if at all possible. Also, keep the microphone away from your speakers, so it can't hear other xplane noises.

Speaking slowly and clearly helps you be understood, just like in real life.

If you don't see the headset icon move with your voice, you either have a lot of background noise or the plugin can't hear you at all. Check that your microphone is selected properly in the sound control panel.

Does it work for people with accents, or non-native speakers?

Everyone is different, so it's hard to make a recommendation; you'll have to try it yourself. I highly recommend that you try the free version to make sure that everything works for you before buying. If you're having trouble, send me an email and I'll see if I can help:

What aircraft are supported?

Officially, the following are supported:

Many other aircraft will work properly; I just haven't tested them. If there's a plane that you would like to have supported, feel free to email me.

How do I install PlaneCommand?

Instructions are on the download page.

What versions of X-Plane are supported? Do you support X-Plane 9?

I only support the latest released 64-bit version of X-Plane (10.32 right now), though it may work with other versions. The plugin may work with older versions or newer versions than this, but I haven't tested it in anything other than 10.32.

Due to limitations of the X-Plane plugin system, the plugin definitely will not work with any version before 10.20, and does not support X-Plane 9 in any way.

I've chosen to only support the 64 bit version, as the number of people using the 32-bit version is small and shrinking.

Will you offer free updates?

PlaneCommand gets updated all the time. Updates are free. You can always get the latest version on the download page.

How do I change the voice accent that the computer uses?

You can change the voice used by PlaneCommand by changing the default voice for your system. The steps are different on Windows and Mac:

Mac: Open System Preferences, and click on Accessibility (has a blue icon of a person). Choose speech on the left, and change the voice in the dropdown. Lots of additional voices / accents can be selected under Customize.

Windows: Open Settings. Click on System, then Speech. Change the voice under "Text-to-speech".

Need help with something else? Email me:

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