Voice control for X-Plane

Fly with your voice: PlaneCommand is your copilot

Basic commands come free. Tune COM1, raise the gear, turn on carb heat.

Upgrade to Pro to get navigation radios and autopilot for only $27.

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“Such a cool plugin, stoked at the price. This could be very very cool for flying VOR to VOR, lightening the workflow”
“Just tried the free version, and it's awesome. Gives some kind of copilot feeling to X-Plane, really great!”

Voice Control

Control your plane with your voice- PlaneCommand is your copilot.

Switches, dials, and buttons all obey your commands- no more fiddling with keyboard commands.

Speak naturally

Advanced grammar processing allows you to speak just as you would to your copilot.

No commands to memorize, no frustration. More about commands

PlaneCommand version 3 - free update!

PlaneCommand version 3 is the latest and most complete version of PlaneCommand yet!

Download PlaneCommand for free

Updated frequently

New features and commands are always coming. Every update makes using PlaneCommand more natural. Bugs are fixed, and more planes work trouble-free.

I hate paying for updates to software, so upgrades are always free for Pro users, forever. There's no reason not to have the latest version.

Your virtual copilot interacts with you

Every time you speak, you'll hear back from your copilot, letting you know what's happening. You'll know that you were heard correctly.

Set altimeter to three zero two eight
Altimeter is set to three zero two eight

Please raise the landing gear
Landing gear going up
Landing gear is up and locked

A few systems give a bit more feedback- for instance, when you raise or lower the landing gear using PlaneCommand, you'll hear a response both when the gear starts moving, and when it's successfully raised or lowered.

There are hundreds of other commands in PlaneCommand- take a look at the list of all of them.

Satisfaction guaranteed

PlaneCommand should give you a more enjoyable, more realistic, and overall better experience flying. If for some reason you aren't 100% happy with it, simply send me an email and I will happily refund your money up to 30 days after purchase. My previous customers have been consistenly satisfied, and I'm sure you will be as well.

Try for free before you buy

Unsure if PlaneCommand is for you? I have made a free version so you can try out a few commands, and show you how accurate voice recognition is. I've tried to make it useful on it's own- many basic commands for VFR flying are covered.

This isn't some time limited demo, it's a legitimately useful plugin. You can use the free version forever if you don't need the more advanced commands. When you're ready to unlock the all the features, you can buy the Pro version here. Just type in your license key to upgrade.

PricingFree versionPro version
Landing gear
Communication radios
Navigation radios
PriceFree forever$27
Download Buy Pro!

Customize for new aircraft

Starting with version 3, technical users can make new profiles for different types of aircraft. Develop new profiles for new aircraft, and share them with friends, or contribute them to PlaneCommand so everybody can enjoy your favorite aircraft.

Learn more about profiles

Talk your way through each phase of flight

Commands for many aircraft systems, you'll be able to fly much more efficiently and confidently. No more searching for obscure keyboard shortcuts! Here's a list of some things you might use in a typical flight:


"Start the APU"
"Turn on the APU generator"
"Start engine number 1"
"Start engine number two"
"Tune COM1 to 128.4"
"Set the transponder to standby"
"Set transponder to 2355"
"Turn on the transponder"
"Set altimeter to 2978"
"Landing lights on"
"Set flaps five"


"Raise the flaps"
"Landing gear up"
"Landing lights off"
"APU generator off"
"APU off"
"Tune COM1 to 113.4"
"Set altitude to 12 thousand feet"
"Autothrottle on, please"
"Flight level change on"

Navigation and cruise

"Set altitude to 34 thousand feet"
"Autopilot on"
"Set heading to 120 degrees"
"Heading hold on"
"Flight level change on"
"Set speed to mach 0.82"
"Please turn off the seatbelt light"


"Set altitude 3500 feet"
"Set course to 117 degrees"
"Tune NAV1 to 109.3"
"Approach hold on"
"Flight director on"
"Landing lights on"
"Landing gear down"

There are hundreds more commands in PlaneCommand. Take a look at the full list!

See full command list

Ready to take it to the next level?

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