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PlaneCommand 3.1.0 released with improved speech recognition accuracy

Posted by Lee Baker on Monday March 12, 2018

A new release of PlaneCommand increases the accuracy of speech recognition, and adds a lot of new of new commands that users have requested. Voice control over throttle, mixture, magnetos, and other engine systems adds to the immersion of the simulator. Control the views and the camera with only your voice as well.

PlaneCommand 3.1 is a free update for all users.

Better accuracy

Over the past year, I have been working towards a more accurate speech recognition system. The recognition accuracy is probably the most critical part of PlaneCommand- when a command isn't heard correctly, that can really ruin a good flight. I've made dozens of small improvements and a couple of major changes to the speech recognition system that all add up to significantly better accuracy.

More commands

It seems like every version of PlaneCommand adds more commands. This one is no different! I have focussed on trying to control every system in the default Laminar Research Cessna 172 by voice, and finally PlaneCommand can control have every important system. You can go flying with only a joystick and a microphone.

The first group of additions don't involve the aircraft much at all. You can select any of the standard X-Plane camera views by saying something like "Ride along view" or "chase plane view". From the pilot's seat, you can look almost any direction with simple commands like "look left" or "look left wing" help you see what's going on outside. "Look behind" or "look slightly left" give you still more views; when you're done, you can say "look forward" or "look front" or "default view". Pause the simulator by saying "pause the simulator", and "unpause the simulator" when you're ready to continue!

Inside the aircraft, you can use more of the engine controls. Throttle and mixture were obvious to add, as well as control over the fuel tank switch and the magnetos. You can now do a magneto check entirely with your voice.

A big list of commands

With this release, there is an improved list of what you can say, broken down system by system. I hope this helps you discover more of PlaneCommand.

Download the new version free, or see what professional pilot Russ Barlow thought of the new update in a video on his Youtube channel.


About PlaneCommand

PlaneCommand is an add-on plugin for PC flight simulators uses speech recognition technology to emulate a co-pilot. The voice interface frees virtual pilots from needing to memorize arbitrary keyboard commands, and provides a natural speech interface to many common cockpit instruments. Realism is enhanced by assisting the pilot with common cockpit tasks like tuning radios or configuring instruments.

PlaneCommand supports the X-Plane 10 and 11 flight simulators on Windows and Mac OS, and fully supports VR. Support for Microsoft Flight Simulator coming soon. A free demo version is available for download, and the full PlaneCommand Pro license is available to purchase at

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